03 May 2010

Did I?

Feel anything at leaving the old family home, well a little its only fair after it being my main base since 1974 (on and off) but to be honest I never felt I could cope with the house, the size of the garden was daunting, and as for cutting the hedging which was over 12 ft high.. I had to leave that to a kind neighbour to help with.

The last time, was just of relief, finally to leave it behind. We had spent 5 solid days packing, cleaning and tidying up.... yes I know everyone says it is stressful, a little but no it was the sheer amount of work we had to pack in giving us 12 hours of work most days ending with a meal and then bed before we began again.

To pull away from it that last day was easy, no backward glances, no regrets just lots of happy memories. I will miss the magnolia tree that was planted in Mum's name in the back garden but it was still in flower when we left and that was good. I can always get another one, I like the dwarf variety, this one grew no more than about 4ft high and I think I would like something similar as Dad liked it too.

I took two shrubs out of the garden, a dwarf lilac which is about 18 inches high and a fuschia that survived my neglectful idea of gardening after Dad died everything else is left behind for the new owner to enjoy including a couple of lovely clematis that grow year after year and provide wonderful colours from early in the year to the late part into Autumn and even Winter.

The new garden isn't that big, but that is good. What it makes up for in size is it's location. Within walking distance of Redruth with far views to the North Coast and the sea at Portreath, while at the back we can see Carn Brae and the wildness. It also doesn't require any work inside, nor any carpets as it is newly decorated and carpeted in beige throughout.

It isn't ours yet, we couldn't quite tie in the purchase with the sale, but we hope it will be soon the solicitors are working on it and in the meantime we are no worse off than before but we can at least plan what we need, and my lustful object isn't too far off, just need to check the pennies first.

We have brought some paint too, for the garage floor. We are painting it red, with the walls cream to make it bright and less slippy for the bikes to get in and out; pictures will follow when we can. We want to do this first so that we can move all the heavy objects over and out of storage and then finally we can call it home.


Jo Anne said...

It's been a long haul but you are nearly there chick - well done x

Uncle Bernard K.D. said...

Your "Lust" item took me by surprise.
I was expecting some expensive motorbike! A real 'Dream-machine'!
I'm glad that everything is gradually coming together for you. This place is too big for me, I need to downsize and get away. "Tomorrow" perhaps?

Kath said...

How exciting. I love moving house, planning where things will go and how I will decorate, although it sounds like you can put your belongings in and relax. I know what you mean about a big garden, when we lived at our old house, the garden became a chore rather than a pleasure.
Good luck, I hope it all goes smoothly.