23 May 2010


SOH and I sweated buckets, literally. The storage container with all our stuff in was in full sun, and we baked like potatoes trying to get the stuff into the lorry. Part 1 on saturday was to get the heavy stuff, the washing machine, fridge etc into the lorry and over to the house... part 2 was on Saturday afternoon which was to load the remainder of the stuff from the container onto the lorry, leaving just a few things for Sunday morning. By the time the second load was on board we were ready for a meal, having a chinese from the Hong Sing in Redruth, such a lovely place and surprisingly empty so we were quickly served.

A bottle of Black Tower Rose went down well and by 8.30pm we were bushed so had a quick shower and slept like logs until 6am. We had breakfast before starting again, to set ourselves up for the day and also for good dietary reasons. The fridge had been settled in and switched on and the novelty of having a freezer again after 5 months meant I could shop later to fill it up.

The contents of the lorry was unloaded into the garage in less than an hour and while we stopped to sort out the washing machine with help from SOH's Dad, we enjoyed a moment in the sunshine before taking the old sofa to the skip and returning the lorry and picking up the car before I could indulge in a little retail frozen food shopping.

I got home to find a team of people, well actually SOH's Dad, starting to mow the back garden and once I had unpacked the shopping it was nice to sit and enjoy the sunshine with a little trimming.

We enjoyed a meal of Roast Pork, with potatoes and vegetables followed by Treacle Tart with clotted cream and a little bit of TV before we crashed into bed for the evening.

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