12 May 2010

Mundaness and Money

How easy it is to spend lots of money and see very little for it.

SOH and I went off to B&Q last night to get some curtain poles, one of the very few things that is needed at the new abode. Neither one of us wanted anything dark, or bright and brassy. So we have settled for satin steel extendable poles as three of the windows are almost 7ft wide (2.1m)  and the other two are nearly 5ft (1.5m) in length. Please note that I had to use a calculator (well actually a spreadsheet) to help me with the translation from feet and inches which I understand to metric which fails me completely lol)

Now this is where it got interesting, B&Q had three long poles but only 1 shorter one so we ordered two more... in the wee hours of this morning my brain was cogitating why I had ordered three shorter poles when we only had two more windows and I am no wiser. Hopefully B&Q will give me a refund on the one which is not required or we may put it to use between the living and dining rooms.

£152.00 later, we have taken them to the storage container where my lack of packing skills meant some of the boxes had collapsed and needed to be restacked. Hopefully the contents will be ok, and have survived my ineptness.

The solicitors are trying to get everything done and ready by Friday this week, subject to the paperwork being returned from the Land Registry so keep your fingers crossed for us. Then we can finally begin to move in, luckily we are in a happy position of being able to take our time but neither one of us wants to hang around either.

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Reading up a storm said...

I still can't figure if a Kilometer is 5/8 of a mile or vice versa. Hope your salesman knew the difference (in feet and inches, that is.)