11 January 2009

Sunday Reflections

Was it really a week ago we got back from Cornwall? where does the time go so fast... next thing you know we will see the first primroses (actually SOH found a primula in flower in the garden, but with the heavy frosts I don't know whether it has survived yet or not).

We have had the oil tank filled up, which cost £319 inc VAT so that should be it for the rest of this year, unless the fiends controlling the weather keep the coldness up until June in which case it will be about half the bill for heating and hot water.

Cornwall, we had a great holiday in a wonderful little cottage, two up and two down. A double bedroom with a four poster bed, in Helston home of the floral dance.

We arrived at 4pm, just as it was getting dark, we opened up the cottage to find that it was really nice and decorated with christmas decorations. We unloaded the car, and settled in with a cup of tea.

We found that the owners had left a card and a present for us of a chocolate treat and a plate as a reminder of our holiday. I can't recall such a kind gesture before from a holiday cottage owner, so thank you very much Crecia and JJ we had a wonderful holiday together in the cottage and it was just perfect.

The bed had been made (again many thanks to our hosts), and after a meal of sausages in bread rolls with a glass of wine to celebrate our arrival in Cornwall we retired to in front of the television. This was our only drawback, we had only four terrestrial channels which limited our viewing to either dvd's or what programmes were on TV.

The bathroom elicited howls of laughter when we spotted this dodgy character lurking in the corner, my first thought was how spooky, but we realised that it was actually a cover for the vaccum cleaner and I thought then it had to be worth a picture for the blog.

We had a wonderful week in the cottage, and with Helston town centre a few mins walk away, not to mention the fish and chip shop opposite the cottage, we didn't really have to spend a lot of time cooking. It is definitely a place to come back and visit and we have said as much in the cottage's visitor's book.


Rach said...

What a wonderful idea for covering up a vacumn cleaner, sounds idealic too...xx

Elaine said...

That sounds like an idyllic holiday, and such kind owners of the flat - especially the plate as a memento

Nicey said...

Sounds like a good find, just what the doctor ordered eh ...


gemmak said...

Oh Cornwall, I adore Cornwall.......