12 January 2009

Monday Mornings

It might be mild, but wet and miserable.. which begs the question, would we rather have it continually cold and dry or grey, dank and wet? I know which one I would vote for.

We visited our prospective pets, currently named Salt and Pepper (though this is very likely to change), on Saturday and filled in the adoption forms, we won't hear until Wednesday as to whether our application is successful. These days being a childless, petless couple seems to count for nothing with animal rehoming centres.

This was after spending a fair amount at the Pet City place to ensure we have suitable food, bedding, litter tray lining, toys etc.

Yesterday, we spent tidying up the living room and making space for S&P's new home, it seems rather empty at the moment, but we hope soon for the patter of tiny feet to bless our house. Of course SOH and I can't agree on which one is going to be 'ours' and the only fair thing will be to wait and see who gets picked by whom (they not us).

No clues as to what S&P are, you will have to wait and see when the great reveal will show you but I think you will be a little surprised.


gemmak said...

Have I missed something???? A new pet/s??...this is stuff of utmost importance! Hell, how long do we have to wait???

A. said...

No, really, I can't cope with unremitting cold, but I can cope with wet.

Regarding Salt & Pepper, would you say buying a litter tray is a clue? Or a misdirection? :)

Rach said...

I would rather have cold then wet, wet is much more miserable at least you get a bit of sunshine with the cold.

Can't wait to hear what the new pets are going to be..xx

SOH said...

The litter tray is not a bad clue, but may not be quite what you are thinking.. Sage can be quite devious at times.

Cst KO said...

Hey, I saw you were checking out my blog so I came by to see yours, I enjoy what I read and will be back....Sounds liek getting a pet is harder then kids...lol
I'm guessing S&P are rabbits..lol
Cst KO