25 January 2009

Burns Night

Tonight is the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, and celebrated with a Burns night Supper (or Dinner)

Generally this means serving Haggis; a sheep's stomach stuffed with a mixture of spices, oatmeal and offal might sound unappetising, but it's surprisingly good to eat, with the traditional bashed neeps (also known as swedes) and chappit tatties (mashed potatoes).

If you are not making your own Haggis, then choose one in a natural casing rather than any other sort for the flavour and allow 200g per person as an average serving based on the fact that the day would have been spent energetically walking the hills or you just like the meat content, but otherwise between 100-150g should be ample if you are including a soup as part of the meal (but please make it cock-a-leekie)

Finish the Scottish feast with creamy cranachan (a mixture of oatmeal, cream and scottish raspberries) , more whisky to "toast the lassies" and a resounding chorus of Auld Lang Syne. Robbie Burns will be proud.

SOH and I will not be doing anything of the sort, even though he has scottish blood in him so we are settling for the whisky.. and blasphemously will be drinking Irish Whiskey at that...

Happy Burns Day Dinners to those that will be.

ps and as the clocks move forward faster in Australia their National founding day, Australia Day will start at lunchtime today but something I will write about more tomorrow.

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PC Plastic Fuzz said...

You're making me hungry! :)