05 January 2009

Back to work today

As with the majority of the country, we had to return to work today. Rather I did as SOH has a few more days before he starts working again.

At some point overnight, we had a coating of snow, not so bad as it might have been and at least we didn't have to travel back yesterday in rain or snow; it was bad enough with the spray from the motorway as the red car looks distinctly black at the front.

As I speak now we have blue skies and sunshine, but it is cold and looks like it will remain so for the forseeable near future. I don't mind the cold, but I do miss having a dog to go for walks with. If we had the lifestyle where we didn't have to work or had someone to look after it while we were away it wouldn't be a problem, but nuts and bolts are that we don't and until we change one or the other we won't be getting one anytime soon.

However we don't plan to be completely pet free, we are both looking forward to getting a couple of pets soon, and I think SOH was surprised that I would be happy with his suggestion. We will let you into the secret when we have established our happy household with the occupants, until then you will just have to keep wondering what I am on about.

I will do a post on the holiday, but have a bit to catch up on today.

Hope everyone has a happy New Year


Elaine said...

Happy New Year to you Sage.

Are we taking bets on the pets?


The W.O.W. factor said...

Glad to hear you made it home, safe and sound. We had a dumping of snow again last nite and it crippled all the roads in the state almost! (thought I was living in the DRY part of our state ??)
Anxious to here about pet cuddles!!! My 2 yorkies snuggle in tight as a noose when I'm sleeping & then I have a pnic attack trying to get out from the covers! Can't imagine my life without one, or two or three....
Have a great work week Sage!