16 January 2009

The promised pictures

This is Barnie, aka Barncoose... much more inquisitive and always the first to check things out... She already has a couple of nicknames, one of which is Barnie Big Ears as her ears are amazingly big; but very cute!

Barnie leaps around the cage sometimes kangarooing on her back legs, so the tank they are in is already looking very messy and in fact last night they were removed to their new second hand cage... both girls were very good at being handled and didn't even try to bite.

Tolgus, or Gussie, is much more skittish than Barnie but very prettily marked with her white belly and feet. We had a problem with the water bottle, not supplying water and put a dish in it which Gussie is taking a long drink from in this pic. In fact later Gussie learnt to punch the water bottle to release the vacuum so we believe that she is probably the more intelligent of the two while Barnie is more the explorer and a bit of a klutz at heart.

The two of them were quiet for about 5 minutes after the move and then they were off, this picture was taken after about 20 mins and they were both climbing the back wall to explore their surroundings... the green hammock is furlined for their comfort and the other toys came with the cage courtesy of a freecycle member who came forward after I asked if anyone had a cage for 2 rats.


Dan said...

Aw bless them, I LOVE rats, and they are one of the few pets I consider replacing when they shuffle on.

If you handle them regularly, they'll be nice and tame - my fat rat sits on my desk some days while I am on the computer, quite happily munching on some cornflakes or something.

Don't feed them through the bars though - they'll associate things poking in as food, and start to bite anything entering their cage.

And if you have long hair, they'll snuggle under it on the back of your neck ;)

Nicey said...

They look funky little devils ; )

Kathy G said...

Very cute. Isn't it amazing how even animals can have such different personalities?

gemmak said...

Awwww....'big ears' looks mischevious! I love rats, a friend used to keep them and they were always so good natured...unlike some hamsters I could mention! ;o)

Rach said...

Still not really sure...lol..though they do look cute, I had a bad experience when I was young living on a farm with a rat......xx

The W.O.W. factor said...

OH HOW CUTE, Sage! I googled them last nite so was anxious for your photos. Have you and SOH chosen one as "yours" vs "his"? I'm sure they are in joint custody and will be spoiled equally by you both.
Keep us posted with the joy they bring you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are all so sweet!
And I've never been afraid of mice or rats.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. How cute are they?

I've never, ever, had a rat as a pet before, though I have heard lots of great feedback about them, and what good pets they make.

Looking at these two - I can quite see the attraction :-)