26 January 2009


Because today is Australia Day, a day to celebrate the founding of the continent, a day to be thankful that land was seen after so many days at sea and the british flag raised over the virgin colony. While this might be seen as controversial, especially to the native Australians that were displaced by the colonists, it is nice that Australia takes the time to celebrate itself and it as a country by the citizens.

Why Envy, probably because although today is full of blue skies and sunshine, it isn't warm nor is it a state/bank holiday.

Envy because England, though we have a patron saint, we don't celebrate England day, unlike the Irish on St Patricks Day, the Welsh on St Davids Day, the Scots on St Andrews Day and even the Cornish on St Piran's day.. we are the only one in our nation who doesn't seem to have much to celebrate nor the willingness to do so.

Why Envy, because I would love to be in Australia today, to experience the day rather than hearing about it second hand..

Happy Australia Day!

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