27 January 2009


It's not very often that I get a puncture, but it is always at the wrong time and in the wrong place and this is so wrong you wouldn't believe it.

SOH went to check on the bikes, a pre-check to ensure that all is well before we can get back on them; and loh and behold there was a nail in my back tyre. Which means one of two things, a call to the AA to see if they can help to repair it (until I can get a new tyre fitted), or call Ian from Bike Motor Works to see if he will pick it up and fit a new tyre.. either way it is going to cost in the region of £150 incl fitting... and the worst thing about it is that the tyre wasn't that old.

Safety must come first in my book, one of the issues I addressed when deciding to take up motorcycling as a hobby was never sidestep the issue of safety; you only have one life and I was determined to look after as best as I can (sharp knives and carrots aside).

Oh well, what is money for if not for pleasureable purposes, still it isn't as bad as the cost for Dickiebo's roof...


dickiebo said...

I heard that!

Annette said...
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Annette said...

If I had a bill like Dickiebo's I would 'go through the roof.'
P.s. I deleted the last comment cause I was trying to be funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Safety first! I like the way you think.