04 January 2009

Home again jiggety-jig

SOH and I got home about 7pm, after something hot to eat (we had a KFC) brought on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, and unpacking the car (putting it away in the carport as the weather forecast was for ice and snow) we were shattered and had an early night.

Thankfully SOH did all the driving home as I was snuffling with a headcold most of the way home which was irritating as we had managed to miss most of the colds and flu that was going around; SOH did better than I with only a bit of a runny nose for 48 hours.

We stayed down in Cornwall an extra night to watch Cornish Pirates play Otley, it was a freezing cold day, but the sunshine was surprisingly warm when and if you could get out of the wind. We enjoyed the game, but the referee was so obviously favouring the other team and it was no surprise when the fans started booing some of his decisions. However the Pirates beat Otley 55 to 13 (with Otley's points only being scored in the first half of the game) so perhaps justice was served best.

As we drove across Bodmin and Dartmoor, there was snow on the tops of the hills and in the shaded areas, we watched as the temperatures dropped from 6 degrees in Redruth to o degrees as we got home, but last night when we checked before going to bed it was dipping to -2 and due to get a lot colder tomorrow.

It has been a good holiday in Cornwall, and we look forward to many more this year.


Fire Byrd said...

great minds think alike in giving our posts the same name!
pleased you had a good hols.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Brrrr! I haven't had the winter sniffles for several years...knocking on wood...hope they leave you as quickly as they showed up!
You have KFC? That is Cowboy's favorite quick bites...he hasn't a had any since AZ days over 3 years ago!
Welcome Back!