19 January 2009

Holyrood Castle

One of my highlights of working for the Royal Household was the treat of a week in Edinburgh in July when the Edinburgh Tattoo was on and various other things happened like the Holyrood Garden Parties.

My accommodation was just outside the gates in a stone building, for some reason all the other girls were inside the Castle, but because I was in the kitchen's I got to be with the chef's all outside. So at 7am when I was due to start work, I would get up get washed and dressed and head over to the kitchens.

I had been there for a couple of days, getting used to the kitchens (very different from Balmoral, London and Windsor as they were smaller and more compact) when one morning I pushed open the tall metal gates only to have it fall off the hinges. Luckily one of the coppers on duty managed to grab it in time for me to make a hasty run for safety (otherwise this may well not have been written) and him and his mate propped it up against the wall while they called for the maintenance man to mend the gates.

Afterwards, my fame (or is it infamy) spread as the girl who broke the gates.. being a naive you thing I wondered if my career was to be blighted by these events but luckily not as I stayed for a further couple of years.

It was at Holyrood, I was instroduced to the morning bap spread with honey.. makes a great breakfast and one I still enjoy when in Scotland.


Elaine said...

It is not called a bap in Edinburgh, but - if I remember correctly - is an Aberdonian and thus perhaps thus Balmoral naming

Rach said...

I do love to hear about you royal days..xx

Anonymous said...

Haha. I just love your stories.

Talk about a girl making an entrance. Well honey, getting your fame this way is way more fun than doing it a more predictable or conventional way!

And spending time with the Chefs and in the kitchen? What a dream!

The W.O.W. factor said...

This is fun to learn about your early years of spreading the wings and learning to soar w/o falling.
What is a copper?
Your life facinates me, Sage!