28 January 2009

Interesting talk

We (where I work) have a monthly staff meeting, which is usually a good time to jot down notes of things I have still yet to do, have a social cup of coffee and a cookie; so not usually that interesting I hear you say.

Until this morning, we had a presentation from one of our Heads of School, in the Health School and being a service department we only usually get to hear about what they do and what they are involved in by means of official publications ie. the staff magazine.

Jo did a great talk, and involved us in parts of the presentation. Some of the more interesting things I learnt was :

1) If you are going to pour a glass of orange juice, drink it or the benefits from any vitamin C in the drink are going to disappear very quickly.
2) Carrots are actually very good for you, as is Broccoli and with 1) is the reason for the state to promote 5 fruit/vegetables a day as vitamins at source is better than vitamins in a tablet form.
3) Our University was behind some of the technology involved in glucose testing machines used by and for Diabetics... though I doubt I can get hold of one of these for SOH.. but you never know.
4) Two of our neighbours are involved in doing something called Smart Materials, which not only has a health link but also a security link...

I guess it goes to prove that sometimes paying attention during a staff meeting can provide useful information but on this occasion was entertaining as well as interesting.


Nicey said...

Still think Buzz word bingo is better !!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think that I could EVER stay awake during such meetings, LOL.

Still, it sounds as if you learn an interesting fact, or two :-D


Annette said...

Yep, we all fall asleep at our meetings. We are meant to have one every month but thank god, it doesn't happen. Once or twice a year is enough.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so did you stop eating your cookie then?

I would have felt guilty. And then I would have asked for a scone! Mwahaha!