08 January 2009

Sage as Interviewed by GemmaK

1. Which single world event has had the most impact on you, either emotionally or practically?

The Falklands War, it was the first ‘real’ war that British troups were involved with in my lifetime, and I can remember it clearly especially the phrase used by the journalists about the planes “we counted them all out and then counted them all home again”. The fighting spirit of Britain came alive then, and the communications from the battlezone were all too frequent and real. I was glad when they retook Port Stanley and the guys came home. I wish they were not in Afghanistan, but see Q3.

2. If you were offered a chance to visit one place within 200 miles of your home all expenses paid where would it be and why?

I would love to visit Sandringham House, the one royal residence I never worked at apart from the royal yacht; I tried my hardest to go to both but never managed it as it has limited staff accommodation places. So if I had to pick out of the two, it would have to be Sandringham.

3. If you were given Gordon Brown’s job for six months how do you think you could make best use of the time?

I would want to ensure that equitable access to dental and optical health care was provided to British citizens, it is the absolute minimum anyone could do.

Secondly, I would want to equip the troops out in the battle zones the best protective gear that money could buy; these guys risk their lives for us and need the best we can give them.

Perhaps the fat cats in parliament who seem intent on claiming every subsidy known to them could just for once not have a pay rise this year and certainly not one above inflation figures.

4. If you could change your career/profession what would you make the change too and why?

I want to become a registrar of births, deaths and marriages, it has a certain appeal to me though I am not certain my sense of humour could always be kept in check especially when trying to write some names down neatly on certificates.

Why, because it has a sense of appeal to me, I like dealing with people and I can be compassionate (stop laughing SOH), and it involves travelling.. means I could use my bike.. more importantly it is a job that could take me to Cornwall.

5. What reduces you to tears?

The sight of dogs animals behind bars in kennels/rescue homes, abandoned, unloved, unwanted… my heart goes out to them as I wish I could take them all home with me.

Cheers GemmaK

If like me, you want to be interviewed, then drop me a comment and I will contact you to send you 5 questions.


Nicey said...

Great answers as I said yo Gemmark if I were to answer those you would know far to much about me and that would not be good

dickiebo said...

You do a nice post then - go and ruin it with bloody dogs!

gemmak said...

Ohhhh...spooky, you and I have some very similar thoughts, I could have written these replies....right down to the job thing!

Thanks for playing...and of course, excellent answers! ;o) heh.

Lol @ Dickebo!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

You worked at several royal residences? Forgive me but I've just joined your blog (thank you for your lovely comments on mine)...funnily enough my husband's father worked at Windsor Castle during the War. He was there to guard the Royal Family. Would love to know more about your Regal jobs (so to speak)! I'll be delving around for more... :)

The W.O.W. factor said...

Interesting..career choice. I don't know that I would have thought of that, but it would be quite intriquing.
Me too on the animals behind bars! I just melt and wish I could save them all!
~Hugs my Dear Sage~
Hope your weekend is quiet and peaceful.