01 January 2009

A New Year Dawns

Windy and cold but blissfully not wet. A good morning walk with the dogs, borrowed from SOH's neice led us over the mine workings outside of Redruth, perfect to work up an appetite for the Cornish Roast that we have been promised.

We stayed up until gone midnight last night, to see the New Year in and heard the neighbours letting the fireworks off so it wasn't an early start to the morning but no sore heads either as too many viruses and colds prevented a lot of drinking.

Tonight we are back to the cottage, and a nice warm log fire with a nice hot chocolate (hopefully) and then on Saturday we are heading over to Camborne to see the Cornish Pirates play rugby before we head back home after a final visit to friends and family.

Hope everyone has a lovely New Year so far, and continues to have a great year ahead of them.


Anonymous said...

Sound really lovely! We haven't had the right fireplace for a wood fire for several years now, and I do miss it. There is nothing to compare.

Nicey said...

Happy New Year to you and your blog !


The W.O.W. factor said...

What a neat trip you and SOH are having! What is a Cornish Roast? Sounds delishous...
I am presuming you got some tindling so you could have that nice cozy fire! You sound like you don't even want to go home, as it is so comfortable where you are!