04 November 2008

Wishful thinking

5 Interesting Places I want to visit one day
  1. Petra - The pink valley in Jordan, ever since I saw it in Indiana Jones I have wanted to go there and on horseback.
  2. Canadian Rockies - what could be better than to take the rockies express and gently sway across these majestic mountains.
  3. California - I want to see the Giant Sequoia trees or Redwoods, and visit the fishermans wharf area of San Francisco
  4. Iceland - (yes even after the last bank crisis) I want to see the land where the hot springs stay hot even in the middle of winter.
  5. Galapagos Islands - home to the largest species of tortoise and just somewhere that time left untouched.
5 Interesting Places I have stayed/visited
  1. Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh. My room was just outside of the main gates and though I didn't see much of the Palace other than the kitchen I did feel it was rather special.
  2. Balmoral Castle - I fell in love with Scotland in 1977 when I first went to Balmoral as a teenager. My first job away from home and I loved the wildness of the countryside surrounding the Castle. I would still love to live there one day.
  3. Paris - who couldn't fail to enjoy this majestic city, it has such joy and passion about it (not to mention an abundance of pick pockets)
  4. Cameron Highlands - like England on a warm Summer's day though after the heat of Malaya it was like walking into a room with air conditioning on at full blast.
  5. Venice - I was too young to get the best out of this family holiday to Italy which included a day trip to Venice, but I remember standing looking at San Marco's Piazza and just taking in the scenery (ok and the smell was a bit fresh)
5 things I want to do one day
  1. Fly in a hot air balloon - despite being scared of heights
  2. Stalk a deer, and get close enough to get a great shot (with a camera - hands up if you thought I would stalk and kill a bambi!)
  3. Surfing in Cornwall - have never done it, want to do it one day before I get too old or it is too cold to do it and SOH can and has done it.
  4. Take a safari trip to Africa, I quite fancy the idea of doing it on horseback and I think there is a firm that does this
  5. Take the motorbike and ride the Route Napoleon - The N85 from the french coast (Golfe Juan) to Grenoble

This post is designed to amuse and replace any negative thoughts of the American Elections which may or may not have an affect on any readers of today's news


Janet said...

Ah, such lovely wishes. Of all those things, I have actually been to Iceland. For about 3 hours. We landed at the Reijkavik Airport on our way to Germany, and we walked outside from the plane to the terminal. It was the end of April, so everything was brown, but we could see steam from the springs.

I want to go to Scotland, and England, and Ireland. I've been to Canada, but not the Rockies portion. I'm not coordinated enough to surf. At all.

Rae!xx said...

It was a lovely post and yes I have all but forgotten about the debacle going on across the pond!...X

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Sage, you'd love S.F's wharf, the Sequoias and Redwoods! They are magnificent! Canadian Rockies are GRAND!!! Never will get me in a hot air balloon, I used to want to skydive...but I have acquired a fear of heights the older I got
Have a good evening...or is it night there?