17 November 2008

Autumnal Mornings

Just for your amusement and pleasure this picture was taken early in the morning (well before 8am anyway).. last week. I love the colours and the contrast of the tree against the colour of the sky..

Never mind that red sky in the morning means a sheperd's warning and the weather might deteriorate; it is a gorgeous picture of nature at her best and worth a post.

This picture was taken just after 7am this morning and from a similar angle but just edging into the trees.

We get this view from our bedroom window and in the spring we get to see the leaves start to block out the skyline and you have to wait until Autumn to get the same view again. Kind of makes up for the loss of the warm sunshine and long sunny days.


Elaine said...


Annette said...

They certainly are.

Nicey said...

Nice pics I love the autumn

Rae!xx said...

What a beautiful view to wake up to Sage..xx

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Sage, these are so pretty! The first one, almost 'colors' the trees in with the same as the sky!
Bet it's a gorgeous view in the Spring too as the leaves open with renewed life!
Enjoy a sleep in Sat...beyond the sunrise!
{{Hugs Lady Sage}}