16 November 2008


Was our first official committee meeting of this year, having been elected last month, we only have 3 meetings a year so it is not an onerous task. Most of the work is done with the memberships needing to be done and reported on.

So at just before 9am, we headed up to near Newark to a place called the Friendly Farmer who don't mind us meeting in their cafe and we do spend plenty on teas/coffee and of course the bacon or sausage baps. There is also a butcher's in store with farm products and after the meeting, SOH and I took advantage of the delicious looking pork pies, and purchased a chicken and leek pie which we will have for tomorrow

Tonight, we are having stoup with left over chicken from the roast yesterday and make with the stock from the roast and lots of vegetables to thicken it all up and this will be eaten with garlic bread.. a perfect end to a dull day

Update :

  • recipe for Stoup is on the recipe blog...
  • Just for Annette, SOH and I make up 1/4 of the Committee for the Midland Section BMW club.. and the reason we only need to meet 3 times a year is a lot of our work can be done by email and it helps to keep costs down.


Rae!xx said...

That soup sounds devine, can I have some please...xx

annette said...

sorry, I've missed rather a lot because of pipex problems.
May I ask what committee you are on?
How come you only meet 3 times a year?


The W.O.W. factor said...

You've been a busy gal Sage! I thought I got caught up...!
Now this Stoup sounds good! I'm always looking for new "Stoups". Cowboy mushc prefers "stoup" to soup!
What are sausage baps?
Have a great Friday!
{Hugs My Dear Friend}