06 November 2008

Today's Post Brought to You By the Letter T

Janet over at 32 aker wood participated in a sort of voluntary meme. If you want to play, you just leave a comment on the post and ask for a letter. Then you list 10 things you love that start with that letter. So I asked for a letter and she gave me the letter T.

1. Tea - who wouldn't love a nice cup of tea on a wet autumnal morning or Winter's afternoon

2. Tomatoes - especially when picked warm from the plant, that lovely flavour that shop brought ones simply don't have

3. Thyme - I haven't been very lucky with this herb, but I keep trying as I love the smell

4. Tools - I like looking at DIY tool catalogues and imagining what I could do with them if I knew how to use them. My Dad was the handyman, it didn't pass down the genes to me.

5. Two wheels - my motorbike, being able to go out on it, the sheer grin factor it provides me with.

6. T'other half - we might have met late in life, but at least we met. Some people go through life not ever meeting someone as special as he is to me. All together now 'aaaawwwww'

7. The pasT - I am fascinated by history, not just English history. I spent about 6 months drilling into the background of the American Civil war, just for fun, and found a number of fascinating facts such as the first submarine was used during this period. Who would have thought it possible that modern inventions are actually many years of research/work and not necessarily highlighted.

8. Tinned foods - how did someone think of doing tinned foods? for years they would preserve in kilner (or preserving jars) but when did someone make the leap to tinning the items and what will we be doing in the future? I do admit to loving Spam... yes well someone had to say it..

9. Teaching - something that I have to do as part of my job, and love doing it despite not being a natural (in front of people) speaker; Wish my job involved more of this and less of the boring stuff.

10. ChocolaTe - see the T was in there all along.. any and all chocolate tastes lovely, even the one with Chilli in... you don't taste the chilli until right at the end and then your mouth suddenly goes warm.

So if anyone else wants to play, leave me a comment and and I'll assign you a letter but it is purely for fun this meme.


Rae!xx said...

I love the chocolate only you could think of that with a letter T, I will have a think what letter I want and come back..xx

Janet said...

Oh, what a great list. And I love that you included chocolate (hey, I tried to get away with creme brulee, didn't I?). I'm going to get a nice cup of hot tea right now (I really should have been born in England).

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hello Sage, I adore your list, especially #2 (nothing compares!) and #6...and I will say Awwwww! I'm glad you found each other! Does not matter at which phase of life you are in...when Love strikes! It's a keeper!
Ok Dear Friend...be kind and give me a letter. (may take a few days to accomplish what you did here tho)

Alison said...

Good list. I was thrown out of Scotland for not drinking tea. But guess what? Now I like it; it's amazing what the deadening of tastebuds as we age can accomplish!