27 November 2008

Things to be grateful for

I have an inkling that many of us are not necessarily having a good time leading up to the festive season, what with all the credit crunch and jobs being lost etc., but as it is thanksgiving (for the US at least) this week, I thought I would kick off a list of things to be thankful for.
  • Having SOH in my life, even when he is in pain he is considerate and caring
  • Having a job I like doing, interesting and entertaining
  • Having a garden which is big enough to provide us with vegetables
  • Having friends whose support is there, no matter what
  • Having memories of those who are no longer around
I'm sure there are lots of other things, but I was trying hard not to list material possessions as they can change more quickly than other things.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to the citizens of the US, may your day be blessed with family happiness and joy and your Turkey be done to a turn (just like this ole bird)


Elaine said...

You are right, we should look at our many blessings

and Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA

but I particularly liked the human turkey!

Nicey said...

Yep very true we need to appreciate and what we have around us, usually the small things and our health.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Sage, I love your list of Thankful fors! And how thoughtful of you for us in the US!
You are a gem and I hope someday to meet you in real life!!