10 November 2008

The Weekend in a Word


SOH did all the driving, as I have never towed a caravan at all before and I don’t think now would be a good time to start. So thank you SOH, hope you are not too tired today at work :0)

We set off later than we had liked to Cornwall, getting away just after 11am on Friday, and not arriving at our destination (just outside of Redruth) until gone 6pm, and setting up a caravan in the dark is not a good idea but help was given by the family and soon we were partaking of a cup of tea. This was most welcome as the next destination was the bmx track where the youngsters were giving us a demonstration of their abilities on a bike. Surprisingly the bikes seem to be much of a size though the riders were all different heights.. I didn’t go around the track myself, but SOH’s niece did and it looked like it would keep anyone fit if they did it a couple of times a week. Pictures would have been forthcoming except that because we left in a hurry (and ok I didn’t think to do it the night before) I forgot my camera, so apologies for the lack of photos.

We dined on Sausage and chips, washed down with hot chocolate and when the youngster had done enough we headed back to the caravan for another hot drink before finally getting to bed just before midnight. Needless to say we were bushed.

Saturday morning was a delight of blue skies, given the storms of the night before when we gently rocked in the caravan, it was a nice relief to not be faced with more rain. We drove into Redruth itself, as I needed to get part of SOH’s Christmas present (he knows what it is, but I am not going to put it on here as it would spoil the big day I think). Then we did a few other chores before heading over to Portreath where SOH lived for a while and walked on the beach watching the storms heading in to us. I love the winter tides as the sea is a green glassy colour which matches the grey stormy skies with only the breaking waves adding a tinge of colour.. how I wished I had brought the camera at this point.

Saturday evening, I was treated to some Cornish mead, strawberry flavoured. It was very nice, and though it doesn’t taste as though it is alcoholic, you do notice the kick as it warms you up from inside. We had a stew and dumplings made by SOH’s oldest sister which was lovely, and went down well given the stormy weather outside again.

Sunday, was grey and dank. We packed up the stuff from the caravan that we weren’t leaving down there and put it in the car. Said our final farewells, though we will be back just after Christmas, and headed off to see SOH’s Dad who lives a few miles away. I forgot to take the apples down that I promised, but they should still be good at Christmastime, either that or I will pack some up and send them down by post.

We got home just after 7pm last night, tired. We took the stuff out of the car, though unpacking would be incorrect as we have that to do tonight. After a supper of beans on toast, we watched a fascinating documentary on BBC Four about a French photographer Albert Kahn. It was interesting as not only did it cover the first world war, it showed how quickly the art of photography developed.. hah even a pun.


Train Wreck said...

And All I have is rolls!? Yum sounds like you had a yummy day! My stomach was growling the whole time. I'll bet you are a great cook too!

sally-ann said...

Hey - you were down in my neck of the woods! Glad you had a good time - wonder if you walked past our house on the harbour!

Janet said...

A number of folks posted about remembrance day. I had no idea where the tradition of the poppies came from. I think we would do well in this country to do a bit more remembering.

Your weekend sounds fun, even though it was tiring. As for unpacking, I've been known to take up to a week. Of course, there are 4 of us . . . but still. Obviously it's not my favorite chore.

Sage said...

Yes we did Sally-Ann trying to work out from photos you have taken including your wall. Near 33 i think. We saw a hamish on the carpark but not yours. SOH grew up in Portreath and went to the school ans was a member of portreath s.l.s.c We will be down at christmas as he loves to be home for new year

The W.O.W. factor said...

What a nice trip to see the family! Now...what do you mean towing a "caravan"?
You go back there at Christmastime? How big is SOH's family?
And...what is "Cornish mead" sounds delicious!