21 November 2008


One of my aspirations is to make a quilt, I have an embroidery centrepiece (which I am still working on) in the design of a celtic knot in golds and browns and aim (when I have done it) to put a patchwork quilt surrounding it.

Don't hold your breath waiting for it, I am not the faster sewer out, but occasionally when I get a bit of space and time I like to give my hands something to do (other than feed me chocolate and bad, bad, bad sweet things like chocolate).

What I don't know is how to go about making it, and combined with no experience of quilting.. this is turning out to be some challenge.. but first of all I have to finish the embroidery...lol


dickiebo said...

If you can get yourself a prison sentence, I think you can do that sort of thing there! lol.

TheCrone said...

Oh Sage, you too?

This secret santa gift is driving me insane. First embroidery then quilting!


Janet said...

Oh I love Celtic knots. I have a whole slew of cross stitch patterns. I haven't made any lately for some reason (named the Queen and DeBoy). I got a lot of stitching done the times I was on jury duty.

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL at dickiebo's comment!
I used to embroidery all the time. I made my mom tons of wall hangings. I liked that better than cross-stitch.
Come on over and I'll help you quilt! Hand quilt only tho!! It is a very 'relaxing' thing in the winter, and keeps you warm while you do it!
But, Sage...I don't know how you'd find time with your busy life, to get so much accomplished!
{Hugs My Great Friend!}