25 November 2008

Time to think of Calendars

I always have a calendar at home, for SOH and my appointments, and at work for information.

This year, at home I have Scenes from Wales, and at work I have a calendar showing different quilts - and comes with a booklet for making up the different designs (this is way out of my league).

Whilst I was perusing the various different bits of the Mail on Sunday I came across this calendar, the water-skiing westies.. and immediately thought of Sally-Ann, who has Cornwall beside the Sea blog, as she owns a westie called Hamish.

Now I don't know if Hamish has been waterskiing, or even wants to but I think that something like this would be a must for all West Highland White terriers as it is humourous as well as scenic.

I would love a calendar of Jack Russells, but can't find anything half as amusing and I might just have to try and get a copy for the office as SOH-Dad has already brought us a calendar of Cornish Scenes for home.


sally-ann said...

Hamish may live by the sea but he won't put even one paw in it let alone go water-skiing!! :-) x

Train Wreck said...

OhDo you have a Jack? I will now be on a mission to find yo a calendar! Maybe I will use my Ryley... hehe! I love little Westies, and Carian (sorry That doesn't look like I spelled it right) Anyway I love terriers all kinds. They have such great personalities. Have a great day my very far away friend!

Janet said...

We know a number of people with Jack Russells. They're great dogs. The Westies water-skiing are too funny though. I use the Shutterfly website to make calendars out of the kids' pictures for the grandparents.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hi Sage! I love calendars! I actually hang onto them for years...if they are loaded with good photos,always with the intention of putting them in frames. But, I haven't done that yet, except for a Polar Bears year. Harp Seals are high on my list to find in a calendar year.
Have a great Wednesday...coming your way!

whiskeyburgess said...

Hello. My name is Paul Cocken, co-creator of the Waterskiing Westies. I stumbled across your blog. If you're after a humourous Jack Russell Calendar, check ou The MakeOver Mutts that I also created.
It's images of Bodget and Scarper doing a spot of DIY. Enjoy!

Sage said...

Cheers Paul, have made contact via the site you listed.