02 November 2008

Gimme an Arrrgh*

Cornish Pirates won convincingly at Bedford yesterday afternoon, kick off was at 3pm so before long the gloom set in and so did the rain. It didn't spoil the game, nor our enjoyment of it, by half time the Pirates were leading 9-3 and in the second half dominated the game to finish on a score of 26-6.

Not sure what happened to Bedford's game, but it was almost as if they weren't playing cohesively as a pack and on more than one occasion they launched fists at the Pirates players with one player being sent to the sin bin after an earlier warning.

We were lucky in that where we were standing was with our backs to the winds, and with some trees behind us we were fairly well sheltered but by the end it was a soggy end to the game. We headed home for a well earned tea of Chicken Chasseur which had been cooking while we were at the match.

I'm afraid though, that we had to sacrifice going to the Ace cafe to hear Sam's launch of his new book Distant Suns but we were too late after the game to head down another hour to London just to get there at the end. I hope Sam's launch went well and from his other books I am sure Distant Suns will be just a big a hit as his previous two.

* The pirates supporters have a chant, gimme an p, gimme an i, gimme an r to which the response from the crowd is p, i and arrrghhh hence the name of this post


Nicey said...

Why are Pirates called Piratres ??
Coz they Arrrrrrrggghhh.

Hey did you see the ho ha about the All Blacks threatening the piartes over the All Black strip !!
If you havent google is your friend


Sage said...

SOH says that the cornish all blacks are Launceston Rugby Club not Cornish Pirates.