23 November 2008

Sunday Snow

Today, we are in Derby and overnight and now it is snowing... will we get home tonight?

Well SOH is driving and I have full confidence in him to get us home safely, sadly no pics as yet but I will try and get some.

While it is unusual to have snow before christmas, the likelihood of a white christmas is slim to none as they have forecast mild, damp conditions... I would love for SOH and our first christmas to be full of the cold white stuff I think we might have to save up some of the early stuff into the freezer for the big day.

Yep, I finally mentioned Christmas and the Americans haven't even had their thanksgiving day yet.. sorry but it is only next week and now there are less than 31 days to the big event so finally I can feel happy at mentioning it at last and trying for a little festive spirit (or is that spirits out of a bottle!).

Have a great Sunday folks, may yours be blessed with good weather, good food and good friends.


Elaine said...

Have a drink to me (if it is the spirits out of the bottle 8-)

Rae!xx said...

It was white over here when I got up this morning, but its starting to melt now, as long as it doesn't carry over into a work day....have a good day Sage..xx

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh you are so funny Sage! Snow? Christmas?...seems wayyyyy too early for either! Actually...I'm not a scrooge, but both of these are not truly favorites of mine. I wish I could get into the "spirit" of the holiday season, really I do, It's just a tough time of year for us...year after year. (maybe you should pass some of those other "spirits" my way).
Have a wonderful week Sage.

Nicey said...

Bloody freezing innit Bbbrbrrr rugby traning the uns on Sunday morning was hard work in the sleet,
Take care, Laters

Janet said...

Heh, no worries, Thanksgiving is in 4 days. It's VERY late this year, so some Christmas prep has to be considered beforehand this time. Our snow is melted away as well, though they're calling for more tomorrow. I wouldn't mind if it actually snowed ON CHRISTMAS, but I could do without it until then. Too much to do that requires driving.