18 November 2008

The Mundaneness of things

I had a busy day on Saturday, doing three lots of washing and a whole heap of ironing, not to mention cooking a full roast chicken dinner for SOH who was busy working. He had left at 3.50am in the morning and got home just before 6pm so he was in need of some much needed hot refreshments.

The reason for such a mundane day was that we had had 3 weekends where we were away, or busy with Rugby, American Football, Work, Committee meetings/AGM etc that we haven't had the time to catch up with the mundane things that make life go more smoothly.

So Saturday was my catchup day, and I did feel better now I have got things more under control and now we can turn our hands to the other things like the garden which needs some tidying up and leaf gathering not to mention rosebush trimming before we get too much colder weather (though you can't get much colder than when the snow is laying on the ground).


Janet said...

We had the same weekend. I lost Sunday though due to some kind of creeping crud. But we got a lot done on Saturday so it wasn't a complete loss. And at least I was sick on a day when the Mountain Man could distract the children.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Do you prune your roses before winter arrives? I used to, but Butchart Gardens in B.C., say they NEVER do any longer due to winter freezes killing them too far back. So i started last year NOT pruning until about late March, they seemed to survive better this Spring.
This Sat, I am going to make it a Mundane day! I have lots to catch up on just inside not to mention outside! ;(
Happy Friday Sage!