28 June 2010

The World

Is a little quieter this morning, and I don't mean just because the England Football team Prima Donnas'  got knocked out of the World Cup. Not it was much more than that. The long dusty days full of sunshine and heat have mellowed the land into a gray, misty world.

At 6.30am this morning it was already hazy and hot, with the promise of more heat as the day goes on and I for one will be glad when this afternoon is over as I have an appointment with a dentist to fix the problems that the last one caused and I still have inflammation in the gum which the antibiotics couldn't clear completely so hears to hoping this afternoon will resolve it.

I didn't manage to complete the fence yesterday afternoon, it was just a little too hot and I was tired after doing the washing, shopping and ironing so just managed to get just over a metre done and the rest can wait for tonight unless the impending rain stops play.

I can't complain about the last few weeks, we have been treated to just how good this country can be when the weather is clement and she has been spectacularly kind of recent days with the long hot sunny days of Summer.


Vicar Ezra said...

No, nothing like a clement Cornwall in the summer, my child. I'll bet your fence is finished by now. Thank you for the interesting post.

李智淑 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................