15 June 2010


My temporary contract comes to an end shortly, and I am busy looking for more work hopefully involving some more teaching work; though this one has provided me with some and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Yesterday I had an interview with Kernowflex, at Truro hospital. A short interview was held with someone from HR who documented my skills : PA, IT support, Admin, Data Processor etc... I have completed the next stage of the process where they ask for references and CRB checks etc. It should take a couple of weeks and then I have to attend a 'free' (aka unpaid) induction day and training day as well as learn the hospital system then I can accept contract work on an ad hoc basic. It might yet suit me to do this at the moment rather than a full time job for reasons I can't say at the moment.

Today I had an interview at Truro College for a part-time Skills for Life tutor, teaching numeracy, literacy and ICT skills to a range of learners from drop in sessions to workbased participants and I now have to wait and see the outcome. It would certainly provide the necessary teaching hours for the PGCE course but much more than than it will be what I want to do and though I can always fall back on admin work I want to give teaching a go. I have already picked up clients for private tuition, and will register for what I need to do if I take on more private work.

I will miss where I am working, though it has been a challenge sometimes, it has been very satisfying and some of the people in the office have already said it is a shame I am not staying on, to those people thank you because you have restored some if not the majority of my self-confidence which I had lost sight of last year.

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Jo Anne said...

I cannot beleibve that your contract there is nearly over already, where has the time flown to!

Good luck in your other interviews x