11 June 2010

Being a Student Again

This time last year, I met with representatives from the Education department of Cornwall College in the hope of doing my CertEd with them. At the time, the house was just about to be put on the market and we were optimistic about a quick sale so I hoped that I would be able to start in the September. I passed the relevant tests, and was offered a place however the quick sale didn't happen and although I could have started in January this year it was during the daytime only and as I had only just started a temporary contract I couldn't really ask for a half-day so had to decline.

Since then I have found out that Truro and Penwith College in Truro do a similar course, and after talking to them in March at an open day I found that actually I could do the PGCE course which is similar but intended for graduates. I submitted my application, only for it to magically disappear, and I had to do another one including a 500 word personal statement about my reasons for wanting to teach and what qualities I could bring to the role.

Where is this going you ask? Well yesterday I had a formal interview for the course, and was accepted on the course. I haven't a clue about funding, but only that this course is something I have wanted to do for a very long time and I now have to make arrangements for teaching as this is a mandatory requirement for the course as over the two years I have to clock up 150 taught hours. Luckily the ICT teaching I undertook recently counts towards my total hours so I already have 30 and would hope to get a few more even if it means undertaking evening work.

So from September, I will be a student again, and collecting more bits of certificate paperwork along the way.


Kath said...

How exciting! A long held ambition fulfilled and so many changes in your life, this is going to be quite a year!XX

Jo Anne said...

Well done you are very brave - I don't think I'd survive a classroom again LOL

Anonymous said...

Yay you! Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great. I've just finished my foundation year at Uni and have applied to join an MA course in September :)