07 June 2010

Adams Farm

SOH and I enjoy watching countryfile (a BBC programme on Sunday evenings), but particularly for the weeklong weather forecast and more so for Adams farm.

Something about the way he describes the ups and downs of farming life, even down to the rare breeds and the more standard crop farming is interesting. We have commiserated with him over the loss of cattle to TB, and to the lambs during the recent lambing season. We have laughed with him over the antics of the young lambs when first let out onto the fields and more recently his visit to Butser Farm with some iron age piglets which are going to form part of the display at the museum.

It is a place I long to visit, Butser, they have had a number of other TV programmes filmed there but notoriously the rebuilding of the roman villa stands out in my memory. As a keen archaeologist, I found it fascinating that we can recreate buildings and structures based on measurements and pictures found in mosaics. More fascinating was the break down in communications between the builders, all archaeologists and all insisting their vision was correct which led to people walking out on the project before it was complete which was a sad ending of the series.

Is it a modern 'thing' not to be part of a team but to consider only oneself? I don't know, I was brought up differently and hope that I do not have such an attitude myself.

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Hogday said...

When will people realise that altruism is good for the soul?