09 June 2010

Poaching problems

I quite like poached eggs, but have never managed to get a nice shape or texture when trying to cook them.

No more problems though, I brought a couple of silicone poaching cups yesterday from the range and although they were expensive at £4.95 for a pair they were excellent and we tried them out for tea last night as we have a glut of eggs and a limit on how they can be used.

Without a cooker I am using an induction hob, which is good but only works with a single pan (at the moment) and it has withstood some serious sticking issues with fried eggs etc.

Well last night I filled it up with water to half-way, turned it on to heat and sprayed the inside of the cups with some oil to ensure the eggs would slip out and then cracked some eggs into each of the cups before carefully placing them into the water; needless to say one slipped out the cup between counter and pan and ended up on the floor - time to test the waterproofness of the floor!

The cups were two shades of green and looked a little like lilies in a pond while cooking. I followed the instructions which said use a lid and about 4 minutes later we had boobs sorry eggs on toast; this was due to the fact that when you turned them out of the cups onto the toast they looked like little white boobs :-)
A good buy if you like me struggle with strands of egg in the water and/or your eggs don't look very good.

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Kath said...

I'm glad you tried the pods, I wouldn't be without mine :D