21 June 2010

Weekending and Fencing

We had a new fence installed at the weekend, courtesy of Adam and his Dad to which many thanks is due. Before we had just a 3ft wire link fence which didn't afford much privacy between us and next door neighbours who were yet to move in but on Friday night they were unpacking their stuff and the kids running and cycling across our front lawn. Hmm I thought give it chance.

I introduced myself and SOH to them, and explained that the workmen would be installing a higher fence on Saturday and may need access to their side to do the final pieces. They were a bit strange but luckily were out on Saturday so we didn't have any issues.

It did mean missing Murdoch day, which was a shame, but we couldn't have just left Adam and his Dad and it gave me a chance to catch up with the ironing while watching Young Victoria which I thoroughly enjoyed to my surprise.

The evening saw us go to the Eden Project for a private function, and it was nice to revisit it without too many other people; after two years it has grown enormously since our last visit and the tropical biodome was just as hot and steamy as I remembered. It was made fascinating with acrobats in the tropical biodome and dancing green men on stilts in the cafeteria. I have pictures, just have to load them up. We got home at 10pm with a chinese to finish off the day, late for us but once in a while doesn't hurt.

Sunday was a day of glorious sunshine, and a chance to go shopping for some paint to cover the fence up and protect it against the weather, we settled for Dark Oak as the rest of the wood and surrounds are dark in colour and it would blend in better, but I was very tempted by the other colours. We were also looking for some screening to give us a bit more privacy and allow the clematis to cling to but couldn't find any so have to keep looking.


Kath said...

Were you tempted by the other colours? I painted the fence in last last garden a sort of Lavender stain. I weathered to a nice purply grey.
So what is Murdoch day? :D

Jo Anne said...

Sounds like you are settling in nicely now x