22 June 2010

Fencing with Paint

I had the day off yesterday, because I have holiday to use up and also because I had a doctors' appointment for an Asthma review which I passed with flying colours. My peak flow reading was back up to 450 while it was predicted at 409, a huge increase over the 300 I was blowing back in January when I had to be put on steroids though you could blame that on the cold weather and living in a caravan.

It was too nice a morning to stay in bed, and the fence was needing to be painted, so I got up had a quick breakfast out on the bench in the sunshine and then prepared to be speckled - well if you have seen me paint you will know why.

I managed to get some paint on the fence, on the house, on me, on the chimney pot and even some on the clematis lol but by 1.30pm I had finished the main part between us and the next door neighbours, the brush we brought was supposed to be suitable for fence painting but not the sort of fence we have and I need a smaller one to do the bits I couldn't reach like into the corners etc but on the whole it doesn't look too bad at all.

I washed off all the speckled bits from me before I walked over to the doctors, enjoying the summer sunshine, which has been absolutely glorious the past couple of weeks and I hope it will last longer as I am enjoying it. The garden is taking shape, the back wall is starting to look like a wall and not like a bush of ivy; though somebody who has taken advantage at some point in time and thrown their rubbish on top of the wall which will have to be removed. I want to plant some trailing lobelia and also have some solar garden lights to go along the wall which will make it look stunning when it is done.

The longest day certainly lived up to its name, though I enjoyed every moment of the day well into the evening.


Jo Anne said...

I have to be in the mood to do the fence painting, but once I get into my stride quite enjoy it.

Kath said...

It sounds like your garden will be absolutely lovely. It will be a pleasure to be in, I'm sure.