14 June 2010

Busy Weekend

SOH and I are busy decorating the house with second hand furniture. A dining room sideboard, drink unit courtesy of the animal rescue organisation arrived on Friday, including delivery it cost us £50 and it is well made, a base unit of two double cupboards with three draws in the middle and topped with two glass fronted units for display and a central drink dispensing cupboard.

We managed to negotiate the tight turns of the hallway and manoevered it into position but being over 6ft long and particularly heavy we had to take our time, we can now retrieve the more fragile items in store for us at his parents house (who no doubt will be relieved to offload it once more as they have had them for the best part of a year).

Sunday was a more busy day, although a migraine attack left me feeling a little sensitive to the light initially and led me to have a lie in; note to self it is wise to get up when you feel the pain start in the wee small hours and not ignore it until 4/5 hours later lol.

We went to Perranporth beach for a walk on the seashore but had to cut it short due to the sea mist that rolled in but it was fun seeing a beach that you could take dogs onto something in this day and age that seems to be frowned upon in the need to keep everything clean and ultra hygienic. This is when I miss having a dog as although Sam and Teg weren't particularly keen on the sea they would enjoy a dip in a river or stream to cool down on a hot day.

SOH watched the Canadian grand prix while I relaxed with a good book, though I probably should have done some ironing as I was then ironing until nearly 10pm for things today as I have an interview for Kernowflex with the hospital for some bank admin work so keep your fingers crossed.

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