17 June 2010

nowydh da

I didn't have to wait too long to hear the results of the interview, and from September I will officially be a Key Skills Tutor responsible for teaching ICT, Literacy and Numeracy across Cornwall so I will be doing a fair amount of travelling (which is good) and making a lot of use of the Sat Nav initially while I find my way around the county.

It is only part-time, hence the reason for joining Kernowflex which is bank admin to top up the income a bit, though I also hope to pick up some sessional teaching hours as well as private tuition in Computer Skills which should bring in the money. Then I need to have some good record keeping, along with book-keeping skills just in case the tax man cometh. If you are in a similar position, just starting out please drop me a line with any hints, suggestions etc.

After nearly a month of asking, I now have a BT landline installed, not perfectly working but there seems to be a slight problem with the circuitry that leaves the line pulsating. Doesn't bode well with the need to have broadband installed but I have every confidence that BT will resolve it :-) .

Finally, I have ordered the cooker I have chosen, not without it's own problems as ordering on-line is a bit hit and miss as the postcode is not always recognised by the various addressing systems so had to go into the store but who were very helpful in providing me with the on-line prices, and I have ordered a desk for the study from them as well one with a storage shelf system for files and should be all set for the start of term.

The weather has been glorious, blue skies and sunshine wall to wall and late on until the evening. England can be a lovely place when the weather gives us her blessing and none more that we have at the moment. SOH and I went down to Portreath beach on Tuesday evening and walked along the beach with the numerous dog owners and surf rescue trainees; the only thing that would have made it better would have been to have had a nice cold pint of one of the local ales lol but we waited to get back home and open a bottle of Black Tower to celebrate along with a chinese.

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Kath said...

Well done you! Congratulations on your new job. I couldn't be more pleased for you. You must be so excited about this next step in your life :D