18 June 2010


Just across from the house is a farm with a public bridleway leading to Gwennap pit, have been for an amble up the track but not yet up to the pit; something I am longing to do and may have time on Sunday or Monday as I am not working those days.

It has a long history with the mining, as it evolved as a result of the ground subsiding due to mining activities. It was used, and is still for methodist preaching with a service being held there every Whitsun Bank Holiday.

It is nice to start exploring the countryside, I shall take a rucksack with a drink and a book and contemplate the events of the last twelve months always keeping in mind that the sunshine may not last forever and enjoy it while I can.


Kathy G said...

What an interesting use for an old mining site!

Kath said...

What a wonderful grassy ampitheatre!