23 June 2010

What a beautiful evening

The weather is glorious, wall to wall sunshine with just a cool breeze to take the edge off the heat but all the same it is wonderful and dry. For those people on holiday, it must be lovely to be able to enjoy it and sitting here in my office looking out I just want to be out there too.

I have a couple of planters to pot up tonight with some busy lizzies, marigolds and some Winston Churchill Fuchsia's which will look lovely and put a dividing boundary between us and next door who children like riding their bikes over our piece of garden despite being politely asked not to. So these long tubs will mark the boundary and look pretty too.

Hopefully I have enough plants to plant up the big blue planter which this year will just have annuals planted in it while I think what to plant. I need to replace the lavenders, rosemary and herbs from the Back of Beyond and sadly my dwarf lilac didn't make the transition nor a hardy fuchsia that was lovely. I would like some philadephus and a californian lilac the varieagated variety which was just turning into a nicely shaped shrub but we neither had the time nor the space to bring them all and given we lost the two we did bring I cannot be sorry to have left them behind.

I also want to plant a honeysuckle and have found one that I can take a cutting from, which has the most glorious scent and will look nice in one corner of the garden and growing along the top of the wall, I also need to get some suitably spiky plants to deter visitors from entering/leaving the garden that way lol.

Plans, Plans, Plans and somehow it was nice just watching and imagining in the sunshine last night.. Browning was right when he said Oh to be in England now that April's here... well make that sunny June and warm evenings full of bird song and quiet fox cubs exploring the fields and hedgerows and this is a beautiful land.


Uncle Bernard said...

Dear Sage, you don't need to worry about hardy Fushias. They seem to originate in Cornwall and Devon. Every year on holiday down there I have bought a so-called "Hardy Fushia" from a garden centre. (not pinched a cutting from a hedge).
Some I have lost and some I have managed to over-winter here.
You now have the perfect 'climate' and growing conditions.
Go for it!
Buy lots. :)
Cheers....(Envious) Bernard. xx

Uncle Bernard said...

You can see I am getting past it.
I can't even spell Fuchsia correctly!
(We spell it fushia in Bucks, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)