08 June 2010

The joys of getting older

Sadly no wiser, but then again wisdom only comes with hindsight and I am always lacking that lol.

I have been given antibiotics to fight a tooth abscess caused by a dodgy root filling not be done completely by my old dentist and this is the 'root' cause of the problem. Mind you the price of fixing it will be an arm and a leg, but I have trust in my new dentist (that might be because he has access to strong sedatives and gas and air mind you :-) )

Still on a brighter note, even with the overcast clouds and rain thundering down, we are finally settled in. The cheque arrived from the solicitors yesterday and some shopping is to be done for the oven this weekend, I think I have identified the one, sadly not the one I was lusting after but a good second alternative. The main reason for not going with the lustful one was simply price, I couldn't justify spending over a £1200 on a cooker for mainly just the two of us so I had a rethink and have come up with a smaller version which has two ovens still but is only 60cm wide so we don't have to reorganise the kitchen to make space for it.

The boxes have been travelling upstairs this week in preparation for making the dining room presentable, and also we have a unit to pick up which will fit in here and contain glassware, drinks and other sundry items along with the dining room table.

It is nice to wake up in a bed, and not in a caravan; to have the space and place for everything and not live out of plastic boxes protecting clothes from the damp. I am grateful for that time, and it was cosy and warm but it is nice to be able to open the back door and walk out into a garden which needs work on it to make it more interesting than just a square bit of grass fenced in on two sides with a wall at the bottom.

Guess I am grateful that the house means I am finally settled as I always felt the house at the Back of Beyond was just too big for me and that I couldn't manage it; this house is much more manageable even with the few niggles we found.

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Eliza said...

Congrats on the move and I hope your tooth feels better soon.