02 June 2010


I think I am making headway with BT, I now have an order number but it looks as though I am not going to be connected to the broadband until at least 16th June.

Does someone want to explain the delay to me?

After all, if BT can write to the previous occupants of the house using the correct postcode, why can't their system find it on their network of exchanges and cables?

Answers on a comment :-)

Did a bit more tidying at the weekend, enjoyed a day sorting and moving things around to make room for the bikes to go into the garage, definitely smaller than the last garage and space is going to be at a premium; thank goodness for a pitched roof that we can utilise for storage.

Found some things I packed sometime last Summer, just in time for this Summer, and joy we have had the Sky installed; free HD box and installation so not a bad deal and neither of us go out to the cinema much so the costs per month would equate to one evening out and we get the sports channel as well as movies so I have managed to watch the Guiness Premiership Rugby final - I was so hoping that Saracens would win but no Leicester Tigers managed to get a last minute try and take the trophy.

SOH watched the Formula 1 Grand Prix, while I pottered around. Don't enjoy motor racing much at all really, but really enjoyed the Renault World Series at Silverstone.. strange perhaps being there makes a difference.

The DVD recorder finally went back to Comet, after 5 months and two repairs it was returned as unfit for purpose and swapped out for a Panasonic of a similar size and nature. Perhaps we were unlucky, I don't know, but it would put me off a Samsung in future.

Today I am back to work, yesterday I was blessed with mist and grey skies up until evening and today we have blue skies and sunshine.. go figure!

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