03 June 2010


Tuesday was an additional day's holiday from work, to make the bank holiday really special. The weather wasn't kind on Tuesday, but dinner was.

We had Cornish lamb chops, served with Jersey Royal potatoes along with Hispi Cabbage, Carrots, Broccoli and peas (the latter was the only thing that came out of the freezer).

It was absolutely lovely to indulge in non-fast food, something I missed over the 5 months in the caravan. It is funny the things you think you need, but can manage without and the things you think you can't manage without but can when push comes to shove.

I enjoy cooking, always have, and in a different world, different time I think I would have chosen it as a career. Still might if I have an opportunity to and the offer comes up as it is a very satisfying pastime.

The cooker is getting closer to being purchased, then the kitchen is complete as the other items are purely luxury and not a necessity. The kitchen needs a complete rework as it showing it's age and has the normal wear and tear that you expect but on the whole is not too bad. A set of new doors and fronts would perk it up as would a granite work surface.

We still have a pile of boxes to unpack, but I think finally we can call it home.

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Reading up a storm said...

What was your holiday? We also had one on May31st called Memorial Day, the day we honor those who died in our many wars. We lay flowers and flags at their graves, listen topatriotic speeches, get hot and very tired. But it is a special day.