06 September 2012

September Sunshine

Today I am off, just for today. Don't Panic! I ordered sunshine especially as I am going to meet a friend for a coffee and  a chat... I am helping her to learn crochet and have a couple of knitting projects on the go that she is going to help me with too...

Then it will be back to put out the second lot of ironing washing sorry.. ironing comes later on actually I will confess something to you all now.. I enjoy ironing

Yup, I said it, that's right up with I have a chocolate addiction lol

Later on, I will cut the grass short, to take advantage of the later afternoon sunshine while the boys get in my way.. Piran is now allowed out in the garden and he is usually found stalking the pond boys before pouncing on them.. bless them they seem to just understand he is a baby and is playing so it is funny to watch.

Love to you all, off to see the sunshine and enjoy my day xx


Jennytc said...

Have a lovely day, Sage. :)

sally-ann said...

Everyone thinks I'm mad when I say I enjoy ironing. Glad I'm not the only mad person around!!