04 September 2012

Using Buses

With limited parking available at work, I am using the park and ride service and some of the more interesting snippets of conversations have me in stitches during the short journey to work.

One particular day, after the hospital drop off where most people get off, sat down in front of me and discussed how they had heard two women talking about how one had no money but had just booked a holiday, brought a car etc... and they were being scathing about her managing her money and what a low level conversation it had been.

I was then treated to a diatribe about how much work they had to do that day, one having to make a site visit which would involve mud and dealing with as they put it 'workmen' in a sarcastic tone.. while the other one commiserated with him.

Which of the conversations would I rather have listed too, neither to be honest... and whilst it is interesting to see how others see the world around them, I wonder whether society has changed so much that only the negative aspects show in people's conversation.

What do you think?

I am going to have longer on the buses from now on, as I am going to enjoy catching a bus from Redruth to Truro thus avoiding using the car for most of the month. I worked out the costings and also times and I will save money by purchasing an annual ticket through the college. It used to take me 20 mins to the park and ride and a further 20 mins + depending on traffic or I can take a bus from Redruth direct to Truro for 35 mins... no contest really and means more kindle time or even knitting time ...

Did I mention I have taken up knitting and set myself a challenge to learn to knit cable... watch this space ...

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