18 September 2012

I found out something interesting about Uncle Charlie

My great uncle charles was killed during the first world war. No one knew any details, all the paperwork had been given to a cousin after his mother died and that was lost without a trace.

Dad and I had always wanted to find out more about him, where he died, and any other information.

Someone kindly offered to visit Kew for me and to find any records relating to him... and found that someone 'borrowed' his identity after he was killed which we believe to be in Hellas in 1915. I will scan the document in which relates to this other man and the notes I have on him.. but I for one am fascinated to think that this could occur in wartime.


Hogdayafternoon said...

Sage, one of my grat uncles was killed in Greece during WW1. Murdered in his bed following a dispute over a game of cards! Strange indeed.

Sage said...

@hogday... lovely to hear from you, how are you and Mrs Hogday in the Far East ;-) xx