24 September 2012

Memories of childhood

I can remember as a child, helping my nan wind wool from a skein to a ball for knitting.. it usually involved holding the skein between your arms and constantly being reminded to keep the tension up... I didn't mind (usually) as the treat afterwards sometimes involved a very sticky treat in the form of chocolate fridge cake something I still make these days though less often.

My nan was a crafty woman, she could turn out fine crochet, knit intricate patterns and make her own clothes... born in 1897, she saved string from parcels to resuse and brown paper to make patterns where appropriate.. I wish I had half her talents.

I remember having one of these as a child, perhaps not politically correct these days, but having persuaded mum to buy robertsons jam just to collect the badges, it was fun to see the knitted versions.

I brought this pattern on Saturday afternoon, when I walked into Redruth to see the pasty festival .. it was nice to see the town so busy for a change.

Daylight robbery then ensued as I was charged 25p for the privilege of owning a pattern I am not sure I could make even as a reminder of days gone by.

Sunday, being wet, was spent knitting, something I have taken up since I passed my course, but already I am regretting not having anything to do with my mind ;-)

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Bernard said...

Ha,ha! Daylight robbery?
25p! Well I suppose in 'real money' that was 5/-. Not too bad over all those years.
Are you saying it is too diff. for a beginner?
Do it all in plain stitches, forget the pearl. They look great to me. I had several as a wee lad, and I, like you collected the labels, (which I still have), and a couple of badges. I used to have a set of Golly musicians, but I don't know what happened to those.
Cheers....B x