20 December 2010


I have been a bit busy over the past two weeks, hence my lack of posting for which I would like to apologise.

Work has been busy, and evenings I have been trying to finish my Cornish Christmas Stockings.. I cut out three (one for Murphy, one for SOH and one for me) needless to say I have only finished the first two... but they look nice and I promise to put photos up.

The weather has meant everything takes longer, journeys, getting to places to pick up things and even college got closed one evening which was fine except we were supposed to be doing our presentations. Still we managed to get them done eventually but the Microteach now has to be done and after the official hand-in date of 7th January which is looming ever more close these days.

Tre Agan is jollied up for Yuletide, plenty of greenery and suitable figurines adorn the house and Murphy has been purchased a set of reindeer horns complete with bells.. it has taken a little while to get him accustomed to wearing them but he happily trots round now with them on and the neighbours think he's great.

First christmas in the new home, it is going to be good one.


Kath said...

Oh you will have to post of photo of him!

Eliza said...

I'd like to see a photo too. I think we are all caught up with stuff at this time of year.

Asclepius said...

You're still managing to post a lot more than I am. I am lucky my fiancee(two e's as she recently pointed out i've been using the masculine term and gave me a swift lesson in its correct use) completed most of our christmas shopping in november, it was a fine piece of teamwork, I gave her my wallet (minus a ten pound note), she went shopping with her sister and mother and I went to the pub with my father-in-law.

Cornwall must be spectacular this time of year. It always was when I was growing up there. I have to admit I miss it more and more. So much so I am keeping an eye out for jobs in Truro(not where I'd chose to live but a fine hospital).

I hope you have a great Christmas filled with large quantities of food, mulled wine and trashy television.