26 December 2010

.. and it's all over for another year

Well Christmas is over and done with for another year, today it seems the sales are on but I can't help feeling sorry for those people who have barely had Christmas Day off from work.

We as a nation can't seem to have a holiday season to spend with family and friends relaxing and preparing ourselves for the long haul to Easter (which is the next break after New Year).. time to take stock, to enjoy the company and the presents that have been received.

I was lucky to get a couple of cornish tin christmas tree charms, something which I saw two years agot but had never quite managed to get hold of myself. So they were unwrapped and duly hung on the tree after Christmas they will go back into their boxes and into the display cabinet which has now a cornish shelf.

Murphy loved his presents among which was a postman's leg (a rather large beef bone), he has powerful jaws but he has such a good temperament that he will even tolerate the neighbours children near him without a growl or other sign of possessiveness. SOH seemed to like his, even the daft ones like the fly gun,

Dinner should have been a three course meal, but both of us were stuffed part way through the main course which was a three bird roast so skipped the pudding which we will have on another occasion.

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