22 December 2010

Tis the Season

I don't know whether it is just me, but people are being meaner this year and I don't mean of the financial kind... supermarket trolleys are jam packed with all sorts of goodies, bags of swag are being carried down the streets of Truro (where I am based this week) but the milk of human kindness has turned sour.

The pushing and shoving that takes place when I venture out into the shops leaves me speechless. The careless way that people occupy the pavements forcing the elderly and infirm into the road or near the shop walls for security beggar belief. The lack of helping others through the door even when they are laden with heavy shopping, where did all our manners go?

The last straw for me was the person who, as I was mulling over a decision between two items, pushed me to one side so that they could grab the goodies first.

I love Christmas, the sense of excitement growing (despite the snow and ice), but the thought of venturing into the shops leaves me cold...still I am lucky I am finished shopping except for local produce which I can walk down into Redruth for and luckily the town still has small shops and a pleasant feel which makes up for the likes of busier Truro.

I remember well the shopping trips to the Centre MK, it was wise to get there by 8.30 not just for a space but because the shops by 11am were stacked three high with people all intent on a bargain.. I used to leave before then but even so neither Truro or Redruth are quite as bad.


Kath said...

I agree with you, manners seem to go out the window at these times. i do all my shopping on the internet at the end of November, which is totally stress -free.
"luckily the town still has small shops and a pleasant feel" yes Glastonbury is like that and it's a pleasure to walk down every day for a few bits.
Have a great Christmas!

Kathy G said...

I haven't seen much rudeness this year (except on the roads!)