12 October 2010

Word of the Week : Respect

The word respect comes from the Latin respicere which means look behind. It evokes the idea of judging something regarding what has been done in the past when it is worth being acknowledged.

Not just for other religions, or beliefs, privacy, age, rank, customs and relationships. Respect is important in everyday life, the way we communicate with each other using appropriate language and gestures. It should be done by default without thinking about it, and goes along with manners Ps and Qs.

There are some people who say respect should be earn't; just how can that happen unless we start off with a mutual layer of automatic respect which is then built on?

When respect fails, so does society. I know I am not always right, but I do try to do my best.

1 comment:

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Thank you, Sage, for this one. It is incredibly important - respect.

NB: word approval: "dicite"! ;)