14 October 2010

October Sunshine

Yes the mornings are cold, but when the sun warms up it is beautifully warm in sheltered spots and I have the advantage that the back garden is both South facing and sheltered from the majority of the winds.

It isn't a big garden, but it is big enough and hopefully I will have some time to spend in the garden making it more than just a green square space edged with fencing. I want it to become a haven for birds and butterflies and yet be Murphy friendly; who by the way seems to occasionally like to dig up things including under the existing pine tree.

I have got some solar lights, which I want to string along the bottom wall, when I have cleared it of all the weeds and other unwanted plants back to the stones. I would like to put some trailing plants like lobelia in to trail down in Spring and Summer.

I want to have a buddhlea bush, to attract the butterflies, and my clematis are now in the ground though perhaps not early enough to establish themselves for this year so hopefully next year I might have a chance at seeing them flower.


Kath said...

I would like to see some photos of your fledgling garden. I have a white buddleia here, but also discovered in one of the hedges, the deepest cerise coloured one. What colour do you fancy?

KB said...

Sounds wonderful. I would also like to see some photos. I'm just starting a veggie garden as the weather is starting to get warmer on my side of the wrold.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I wish I could garden. I really do. I kill everything I touch. I managed to move across a sunflower from a pot and it has taken root. It's grown and flowered but looking a bit sad now.