29 October 2010

Blowing a Hooly

It's blowing a hooly out there today.. the winds are blowing in from the South West and made our walk this morning much more interesting as autumnal fallen leaves are blowing around high up into the air.

Murphy made me jump this morning, a huge gust of wind startled him and in turn as he leapt against me and I of course was daydreaming as usual. There wasn't anything other than the wind and the leaves but Murphy is a bit of a girlie when it comes to loud noises and wind seems especially scary to him.

We are hoping for a quiet bonfire night; at the Back of Beyond the fireworks would have started by now and continued on pretty much until Christmas and New Year which wasn't that much fun.

We are expecting visitors on Sunday night, apparently a witch and skeleton are going to pay a visit... what do we dress Murphy up as?


Kath said...

Its blowing a stiff SW here today too. The windows in this old house are quite ill fitting, which makes the wind more noisy.
There was an email curculating last year that was all photos of dogs dressed up for halloween, I'll see if I can find it.

Kath said...

Here it is

you should be able to get some inspiration LOL
I love the pug dressed as an alligator!